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Domestic Clearance Services

We provide professional home clearance services for residential properties all across London.

Whether you're relocating and want to leave your apartment in a perfect condition for the next tenant, a landlord whose apartment has just been vacated by a tenant and you need to prepare it for your next tenant or you just want to de-clutter your home for better space management, London House Clearances can provide the perfect solution.

You have two options when it comes to domestic clearance. You can either do it yourself or hire professionals. As a matter of fact, the latter is always a better option for the following reasons;

It Can Be Time Consuming

Depending on how big your house is and the amount of items you have, it could take between an hour and a couple of days to clear it. Do you have the time? When you hire a professional, you'll use the time that could have been spent on clearing your house on other activities. In fact, the service can be provided while you are at work.

Professionals Are More Efficient

Thorough house clearance involves combing every part of your home (interior and surroundings). If you have a big home, it is not likely that you'll be able to do it yourself. Our house clearance professionals come as a team and will get to work immediately when they arrive. So, they provide more efficient service with an impressive turnaround time.

Item Disposal Is Included

Domestic clearance is divided into two major parts - Removal of junk and disposal. So, if you handle the clearance yourself, you'll also have to dispose of the items yourself. On the other hand, London House Clearances includes disposal. The quote given to you will cover both.

Moreover, clearance service providers don't just remove all of the items. They also separate things that they think may be useful to you. They'll call your attention to the items to enable you make a decision on them. If they come across any documents, they will be handed over to you.

The best part is that our domestic clearance service is affordable. For more information or for a free quote, contact us today.

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